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Essential Oil Therapy > Essential Oil Salve - Aches & Pains (1 oz)
Essential Oil Salve - Aches & Pains (1 oz)

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Organic Essential Oil Blend that relieves joint, muscle, deep tissue, and tendon aches and pains. This special blend was created by our staff Certified Aromatherapist.

Massage a pea sized amount into the areas experiencing aches or pains. Use up to three times daily.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Essential Oil Blend of German Chamomile, Spike Lavender, Helichrysum, Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove, in Organic Palm Oil, Organic Kombo Butter, Beeswax, Organic Moringa Oil and Organic Olive Oil infused with Organic St. John's Wort, Calendula and Arnica.


Product Kudos

I'm a RN at Memorial so I'm on my feet all day. I have had a painful bunion on my left foot for quite sometime, and bought one of your pain rollons while at the mall to buy some scrubs. I am happy to say that my pain has drastically reduced to none some days. (Sandy, Gulfport, MS)

I started having pain in my fingers about 3 years ago and didn't want to be on medicine. I tried two old goats lotion but couldn't stand the smell. I found you at the jewelry show and bought the salve. I now have much better mobility in my fingers and they do not hurt like before. I'm 62 years of age and am quite active so I am happy that I can still do many things without pain like before. The smell is good, I don't have to deal with side effects and pain. I'm a happy old lady. (Janice - Long Beach, MS)

Another product I tried is your Essential Oil Roll On for Aches and Pains. LOVE IT, Love it, love it!!!  I also have degenerative joint disease, and my hands ache a lot. I have one thumb that sometimes is so painful to move, it will limit what I can do with that hand.  I used your product, and that ache went away!  The pain not only dissipated quickly, but was abated for days. It does not take much to alleviate the ache, which is nice, so the bottle will last longer. (Casey, Houston,TX)

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