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Product Kudos
For someone with a bad panic disorder, this is one of the only things that does it for me. (Cherrish - Grand Bay, AL) Customer is using our Calm & Focus Essential Oil Inhaler.

I can't thank you enough for introducing me to your fantastic goat's milk soap and shea butter. I have suffered for years with painful, blistering eczema on my hands. I have tried thousands of dollars of medications and the real cure was simply going back to the basics. When I saw your booth at Southdown I walked slowly eyeing your products but said, "No, thank you. I've tried everything!" However, you said something that stuck with me and made me go back. You said, "Ahhhh, but you haven't tried our soap." I realized you were right and I went in and bought 2 unscented soaps and a small shea butter. Oh my goodness! Best thing I ever did. The cuts on my hands began to heal in less than 24 hours and are smoother than I can ever recall them being. Thanks for the gentle nudge and I look forward to ordering from you again soon. (Maria - Bourg, LA)

I typically use your mud soap for 2 days and lemongrass soap for 2 days but ran out of your soap. I found and bought a clear glycerine goat milk soap elsewhere. It was not the same. It broke me out and made my skin itch. When I use your soap it doesn't do that. I drove 45 mins to the mall to buy more of your soap. (Kay - Vancleave, MS)

I first tried your soap when a co-worker was selling for a fundraiser. I was interested in the Moses soap after reading that it was good for sensitive skin and eczema. My husband and son could tell a big difference when they used the Moses soap instead of their usual soap. My son has eczema so I have always used Aveeno but we prefer the Moses soap now. (Jil - Lineville, AL)

I'm a RN at Memorial so I'm on my feet all day. I have had a painful bunion on my left foot for quite sometime, and bought one of your pain rollons while at the mall to buy some scrubs. I am happy to say that my pain has drastically reduced to none some days. (Sandy, Gulfport, MS)

I started having pain in my fingers about 3 years ago and didn't want to be on medicine. I tried two old goats lotion but couldn't stand the smell. I found you at the jewelry show and bought the salve. I now have much better mobility in my fingers and they do not hurt like before. I'm 62 years of age and am quite active so I am happy that I can still do many things without pain like before. The smell is good, I don't have to deal with side effects and pain. I'm a happy old lady. (Janice - Long Beach, MS)

I have hypothyroidism which causes my skin to stay dry and flakey. Nothing was helping, until I tried your soap. My skin stays hydrated all day. I also use the same “flavor” of your Goat’s Milk Lotion. The lotion is light weight on my skin, and my skin soaks the oils right in with no oily/heavy residue.

Another product I tried is your Essential Oil Roll On for Aches and Pains. LOVE IT, Love it, love it!!!  I also have degenerative joint disease, and my hands ache a lot. I have one thumb that sometimes is so painful to move, it will limit what I can do with that hand.  I used your product, and that ache went away!  The pain not only dissipated quickly, but was abated for days. It does not take much to alleviate the ache, which is nice, so the bottle will last longer.

Your customer service is also exemplary.  I can’t say enough good things about your company.  Thank you so much for making such superior products!  You have a customer for life. (Casey - Houston, TX)

Love, love, love these products!! Would recommend to everyone with eczema or acne!! (Melissa - via Facebook)

Loving my soaps! Got some awesome scents and skin feels so good! Thanks! (Lauren - via Facebook)

I suffered with scalp problems for many years and have been using your lavender goat milk soap bar as my shampoo for over a year now. It has been wonderful on my scalp. I no longer have the bumps and have not needed conditioner. I love it. (Carole - Baton Rouge, LA)

My skin is healing and I couldn't be any happier. (Julane - Jackson, MS. Customer purchased Bang! Bang! Soap Loaf and Shea Butter)

The honey is delicious :) (John - New Orleans, LA)

I want to tell you that y'all consumer service is excellent. I always love the little personal notes in my orders. Also, y'all soaps are awesome. We love them. No one comes close to your soaps quality and smell. (Brigitte - Thibodaux, LA)

Thank you very much. I love these soaps. Continued success in all that you do. (Virginia - Brooklyn, NY)

Reorder of a wonderful hand lotion. Soothing and non-irritating and a real treat for skin during harsh conditions. Love mine and have given as a gift to others! (Marian - Somers, NY via Etsy. Customer purchased Blue Angel Unscented Goat's Milk Hand Lotion)

I purchased the lavender soap. I absolutely loved it! It kept the lavender scent from the first use, to the last. I have bought many different, expensive soaps that lost their scent after a few uses. I am so glad found y'all! (Sara - via Facebook)

We love this scent! I initially wrote to the shop and asked about this scent and to my delight they sent a free sample. We loved it and ordered a whole bottle. I'm sure we'll be back in the future for more. Love it! Thanks again! (Joy - New Cumberland, PA via Etsy)

As many of you know I have chronic asthma and COPD, so much so that my pulmonologist said that I am the worst case he’s seen still alive…Thanks Doc! The truth is that I have been hospitalized about 27 times in the past 3 years. My darling wife always said to me “If I can help you with your asthma it would be a major accomplishment.” As much as she is a natural medicine person, I am not. I prefer to keep using my traditional medicine because I am a creature of habit, but she made a respiratory blend for me that she rubs on my chest twice daily. I notice that I use less breathing treatments on the days I get rubbed, and wake up less overnight needing to take a breathing treatment. This is not the norm.

I usually get hospitalized near the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays the past 2 years, but this Fall I did not have to go! I can also count on getting hospitalized with bronchitis in the Fall and Winter each year, but it’s almost January and I did not get sick.

My lungs are also sensitive to changes in the environment that I can usually tell when rain is about to fall, about 2 days before it does. This makes me always have to take more breathing treatments, but since using my respiratory blend my lungs are better able to deal with the external moisture and humidity in the air. Thank you my wonderful wife. (Charles – Owner, Noir Naturals)

My daughter has extremely bad debilitating period pain. She started using your product and her pain was greatly reduced, and she did not have to take pills. Means a lot for me as a mother since I don’t like to see my baby taking tons of pills.  (Mandy – Baton Rouge, LA. Personalized Essential Oil Therapy Consultation for Chronic Menstrual Cramps)

My knees feel much better since I started using your pain salve. I have suffered from arthritis for many years, and this has made my walking less painful. Will need in a larger size when I reorder. (Francis – Walker, LA)

I try to use natural remedies and even with my herbal sleep aid I would still wake up every 2-3 hours. I can happily say that I now get uninterrupted sleep. Even when I wake up to go to the bathroom I fall back asleep soon after and wake up feeling rested. Since I loathe the scent of lavender I was glad you were able to make a special product for me without it. (Cristina – Baton Rouge, LA. Personalized Essential Oil Therapy Consultation for Insomnia)

I think this revised blend it. My foot does not flake anymore, feels soothed and does not itch half as much anymore. I am very happy with this product. (Kim – Loranger, LA. Personalized Essential Oil Therapy Consultation for Chronic Stress Induced Eczema)

Am a repeat buyer; love their products; the best in the world!!!! (Jane - Diamondhead, MS via Etsy. Customer purchased Whisper Goat's Milk Soap bars).

I luv the lotion. I put it on my whole body last night for the first time. My skin is sooo soft!! (Nina - Owner La Belle Salone, Baton Rouge, LA)

Lovely addition to my bathroom, and keeps my soap from turning yucky! (Stephanie - Columbia, TN via Etsy. Customer purchased Cypress Wooden Soap Dishes).

Just a good tasting honey. Kinda different from the rest which is a plus! (Keely - Dallas, TX via Etsy)

Fast shipping & loved the soap! (Tricia - Lake Charles, LA. Customer purchased Frankincense and Myrrh, Bang! Bang!, Whisper and Sweet Noir Goat's Milk Soap bars).

Yummy honey and a great value. (Karen - New Boston, NH via Etsy)

Fast shipping. Love the honey. Thank you! (Glen Oaks, NY via Etsy)

Delicious honey....I'm so glad I gave this a try. (Renae - Lansford, PA via Etsy)

I ordered the Shea butter and I LOVE it. I think that is the best product I have ever put on my feet -- and everywhere else really. Cobi is even using it :) (Jaclyn - Organizer for the Cobi & Michael Natural Soap Fundraiser)

Wonderful during this harsh, cold winter. Really soothing and rich. (Marian - Somers, NY - via Etsy. Customer purchased Blue Angel Unscented Goat's Milk Hand Lotion).

Lotion arrived promptly and smells wonderful. I love the almond smell. A friend used some and wanted to know where she could get it. (Leslie - Acton, MA - via Etsy. Customer purchased Starr Goat's Milk Lotion).

Your soap lasts a long time. My first bar lasted over a month! I was surprised. (Kim - Covington, LA)


I recently placed an order with Noir Naturals. My order came within a short time and I loved all that I ordered as well as all the samples they included for me to try. Thank you for your great service and your great products Noir Naturals. (Laura Lee Enterprises - Bismark, ND - via Merchant Circle)

Love these cypress soap dishes. Perfect for handmade soaps and the cypress smells good, too. Very quick shipping and quality product. (Kathy - Louisville, KY - via Etsy)

I am somewhat of a "soap connoisseur" and goat milk soaps are my favorite. I purchased 15 bars of Noir Naturals soap at an event. They are my absolute favorite soaps. The scent is heavenly and the price is reasonable compared to the prices at Whole Foods and other places I used to shop for soap. (Vicki - LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show Organizer)

Purchased soaps and lotion with Noir Naturals last Monday! Love it! (Mandeville Craft Show Organizers - via Twitter)

I have been using the 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil since June. I wanted to use it as a nightly facial moisturizer, because I have never found a moisturizer that didn't make me breakout. At first, I was unsure how much to use, or how exactly to apply it. However, after the first two applications, I figured it out, and it has been amazing. I pump one small drop onto my hand and rub it into my hands (it feels so luxurious), afterwards, with a feather-light touch I smooth the oil over my whole face. Additionally, because I have always had dry, chapped lips, I rub whatever is left into my lips, they drink it up and are left supple and hydrated. Literally, within two minutes, the oil is absorbed into my face and hands and there is no oily feeling left behind. The only thing left is lovely soft, smooth, moisturized skin, and the best part- NO BREAKOUTS! Thank you, Noir Naturals, the Argan Oil is exquisite! (Elizabeth - via Facebook)

Met y'all on Monday. I purchased several bars and the love spell lotion. Was at the drive thru getting a drink and the worker went crazy about the smell. It was the love spell lotion! I gave her some and your name. She's coming to the store! (Cynthia - via Facebook)

Wow....We used our Whisper soap in the bath tub and turned on the jets. It created more bubbles than even bubble bath would! (Mary - via Facebook) 

 I bought this honey for two reasons. One because I used to live in Louisiana and two- I collect honey! It's one of my favorite things to eat. This honey has such an interesting flavor. It tasted spicy and had a hint of berries and currants. Yum! Another nice thing about this order was that the shop followed up. I liked it that they really seemed to care that I was happy. And I sure am!  (Jessica - Middleburg, FL - via Etsy)

I have only had mostly clover honey or a honey that is not as cleanly sweet as yours so it would affect the taste of coffee too much. The honey is the best honey I have ever tasted!!! (Carol - Mansfield, OH)

My feet started looking better in just 3 days. My pictures are attached. Your stuff  works! (Diane - Kenner, LA)

Customer (Diane's) Product Kudos on Shea Butter on Heels

I've used your whisper lotion on my hands for the past 1+ years, but recently started to use on my dry, crusty heels. I saw a remarkable improvement in just a few days. (Jennifer - Houston, TX)

I am an african american female with chemically processed hair. The chemical relaxer dries my hair out a lot, and so I bought some of your argan oil from you at Oak Alley to try in my hair. After a few weeks of using it my hairdresser asked me what I was using in my hair. She said for the first time in a long time she did not need to trim my ends. I have less split ends! Maybe now my hair can grow since she would not need to cut my ends so often. I am a happy customer. (Joy - New Orleans, LA)

One of my white shirts got some blood on it. As you know dry blood is something that is very hard to get off clothing. I washed the spot on my shirt with your age of innocence soap (by hand) and to my surprise, it completely removed the stain. I am absolutely thrilled. I LOVE your soaps. So glad I found another use for your bars (if needed again). When is liquid detergent coming? (Pauline - Zachary, LA)

Another Happy Noir Naturals Goat's Milk Soap Customer

Love the soap dish! Definitely makes the soap last longer. (Graham - Stephenville, TX - via Etsy)

My hands are completely healed, and to me this is amazing. I never thought on Friday morning when I was crying and in so much pain that it would have healed so fast. Your products came just on time and saved me from being so miserable. I just cannot believe I have no cuts, or no dry splitting hands anymore. Just in 3 days they healed. Wow. (Patricia - Pearl River, LA)

The unscented goat milk soap is so good, I can use it alone without lotion! My skin feels soft and has no dry feeling at all. I am so glad to have a whole loaf of it on the way. (Carol - Mansfield, OH)

My baby had eczema where his pamper touches his leg. I bought a goat milk soap from Cracker Barrel to use on him but I did not like it. I saw no difference in his eczema. I've been using your baby soap on him and he no longer has eczema. The soap smells good and he sleeps well. I am very happy. (Tracy - Gheens, LA)

We got the stuff yesterday. Thanks a lot for the samples as well. I already used my Bang Bang soap because I was so excited and it really leaves your skin refreshed without the build-up. (Rachel - Carenage, Trinidad)

I will tell you that I have severe R.A. and Sjogrens Syndrome which causes a lot of extra dryness, on top of the getting older thing. I use your soap now as well as the lotion, and it smells nice. Even after walking the dogs I can stand myself till I shower! I have had people compliment me on it as I walk by wanting to know what perfume I use.
My skin feels and looks better than it has in years. I cannot wait to try your face scrub. The body scrub works so well and makes my upstairs smell nice all day after using it!  (Joleen - New Orleans, LA)

This past weekend I preheated the oven to bake a pie and it started to smoke. I realized that spillage from baking previous things was making the oven smoke. So I turned off the oven and touched the racks with my fingers to see how hot they were and my 2 fingers got burned. I admit that was not the wisest thing to do. Anyway I put some Shea butter to help stop the stinging and burning on my fingers. Within 5 mins the burning and stinging quit and I did not get any swelling or burn blisters. I've been burned a few times from cooking over the last 40+ years but I've never had a burn heal this quickly. This stuff is truly a miracle worker. Just wanted to share. Thank you. (Val - Humble, TX)

Last weekend while bending down to check the oil in my lawn mower clumsy me got burned by the motor. My skin burned like it was on fire. I put some of the Shea butter on my skin and the day after my skin is not sore, does not hurt and does not have the burn fluid in it. Today, the day after I got burned I still see the burn area but I could hardly tell I got burned since it does not hurt. You have a very good product. (Susan - Houma, LA)

I have had eczema for years and recently I have developed it on my upper arms and legs. My dermatologist at University of PA suggested after numerous medications that I should have UV narrow band light therapy for my condition. The treatment is 24 sessions with increasing time each session. I got to number 6 and had a lousy reaction to the therapy. I itched so bad I could not sleep, had hives the size of peas and my skin had become so very dry I thought I would crack by moving. My sister asked me if I ever tried goats milk soap and suggested the brand canus due to the affordable cost. I started to search the internet on the benefits of goats milk soap and decided I should try this. I found a company, one of your competitors and placed and order. It was okay but I was disappointed in the fact that they did not have the lotion I really needed. I search some more and found your company. I ordered two lotions which arrived if you remember open. I sent you an email and I was impressed with the speed my order was replaced. My skin started to look and feel better and I no longer itched or had hives. I next ordered your soap and have been using that also. Believe it or not I am now wearing a sleeveless shirt and not afraid to show my arms which had looked so horrible. My trainer at the gym asked yesterday where did my ugly red skin go to? Every time I shower I use your wonderful soap and cream my entire body with the lotion. I have not gone back to the doctor for anymore photo therapy treatments and plan to continue with Noir Naturals as my treatment. I just hope that when the weather turns cold again next winter your products will keep me as soft and moisturized as I am now. The doggie soap is wonderful also, my welsh corgi, our 4 legged won, smells and looks great.  I really enjoy your products. Thanks again for the great service and wonderful products. (Rhona - Norristown, PA)

My sister received a jar of your dead sea salt scrub and used on her face. I am amazed at how much younger she now looks.  (Linda - Tyler, TX)

The richness of the Kon Tiki lather is outstanding. It rinsed clean and left my skin moisturized without a greasy residue. I did not need lotion at all, even with the frequent hand washing that comes with hours spent in the kitchen. I think I'm addicted. (Sheryl - Charleston Vegetarian Examiner Article)

My face is really clear actually :) I have no pimples at all. (Haley - Humble, TX)

My job is veryyyy stressful and sometimes just anticipating the day ahead makes me anxious before going into work. One morning last month I was so anxious I tried soaking in your lavender bath salts for about half hour. I cannot believe the effect it had on me. The lavender fragrance I guess from inhaling it calmed me down so much. I carry stress in my neck and even my neck muscles were not as tight as they were. I now soak a few times during the week and am better able to get through my work days. Thank you. (Angela - Lafayette, LA)

So in the last two days, I have used the wax warmer, mask, lotion, and soap. My four year old loved her feet being salt-scrubbed in the bath! Everything is exemplary. Thank you for the Green Teacher gift certificate. I will be a repeat customer for sure. (Carrie - 2012 Noir Naturals Green Teacher Award Winner)

The anti-aging body butter is so luxurious. Absolute heaven! (Debi - Denham Springs, LA)

I've been a hospital nurse for most of my career and have always endured dry and sometimes blistered hands. We are required to wash our hands and use hand sanitizers constantly at the hospital and my hands dry out so much. In all my years I have not found anything to keep my hands moist. Your sample lotion has sold me! My hands stay moist and soft and has completely healed. I will definitely be a long time customer. Thank you.... (Kathy - Nurse @ Memorial Hermann - The Woodlands, TX)

I wanted to be sure your product helped my eczema so I just bought a travel size soap and lotion to try. Well it has cleared my skin within the first few days of using and my arms look remarkably better. Everything I used before burned my skin and this didn't. I love, love, love your products and will be buying larger sizes since I now know IT WORKS!!! (Linda - Kenner, LA)

After using your Bang Bang soap me and my family are hooked!! We love the way it makes our skin feel and wakes you up after using it!! I have tried other goat soap products and feel you have the best products I have ever found!! Thank you for making me a fan!! (Sarah - Nacogdoches, TX)

I was reluctant to try your soy cubes since I am a loyal Scentsy fan. I bought one pack at the Humble Trade Days and you were right - 2 cubes lasts a longgg time. As much as I burn my tarts by now I would have been on my second Scentsy pack, but I have a lot of yours left.....good value for my money. Looking forward to your other scents. (Janice - Houston, TX)

We used the baby soap on our baby last night. The smell was very mild, which I think is appropriate for a baby. Also, he has super sensitive skin and I am happy to report that he had no reaction. It left him soft and smooth. I am so excited to keep using it. You have no idea how much peace of mind this gives me as a parent, to find a local, handmade, natural soap for my baby's nightly bath, it's a dream come true! Thanks Noir Naturals! (Elizabeth - Houma, LA)

LOVE the mud mask! Since using, my face is clearer & has a healthy GLOW!!!! I can't wait to try your coconut milk products! (Kristy - Linden, TX)

Loved the soaps, guys! Keep up the good work!! (Kathleen - Scranton, SC)

Just want to say that the soap is great! Love it...in fact...gonna have to buy some more here shortly. That soap works very well. I'm very pleased. My face is actually getting better. It's truly a miracle worker! My mom said that it was even great! (Christina - Slidell, LA)

Darren totally gave me a massage with the soy massage candle. Omg it was heaven with me having eczema. There was no reaction, no itching or flare ups...It was so relaxing that I asked for him to do it again tonight, which is kind of amazing. Usually when I wake up my body is so dry, in desperate need of moisture, but my whole back of my body was so soft and smooth....When it runs out I'm going to have order some more... :-) Just wanted to share... (Jolan - Hammond, LA - Via Facebook)

My aunt had gotten your age of innocence soap for my mom to try for her skin condition. I inquired due to a cyst on my face. I tried it and went home with a few bars. It has been a few weeks and my boyfriend and I have seen a major change in my face. It is finally clearing up, now to worry about the scars! Your product truly works in my opinion. Thanks for making an all natural and affordable product! Kudos to you :) (Charlon - Oakdale, PA)

After having my wife consistently remind me to take out our Christmas Tree I finally got around to doing it. The pine tar resin from the tree burned my hands badly. I sell Shea Butter so I am well aware that it is good for burns and scars. I applied some to my scratched, red burning hands, and the burning stopped almost immediately. I am proud to say that my company carries a top quality unrefined Shea Butter. (Charles - Owner Noir Naturals)

My hands are constantly in water causing it to peel and itch. It looked nasty/ugly but it's unbelievable how soft your shea butter makes my skin feel. (Jayne - Kenner, LA)

I love the cool feeling of the mud mask. My facial clients loved it, too. The shea butter is the best I've ever used. Looking forward to new items this year. (Debi - Denham Springs, LA)

Love this product. (Stephanie - White Castle, LA)

OMG the Sweet Pea body butter smells and feels soooooo AMAZING! The smell lasts too! I’m absolutely amazed by the quality of these products. I feel so soft and pretty! :-D (Barbara - Hammond, LA) 

Just wanted to let you know that I used the Lavender & Patchouli soap this morning and it was divine. My skin feels smooth, the scent is still with me, and it really rinses clean. I love it…can’t wait to try the other flavors. (Laura - Covington, LA)

 I love the Key Largo Dead Sea Salt, not only does it smell wonderful but it made my skin super smooth! My feet are truly thankful lol. (Sharon - Tickfaw, LA) 

A Louisiana Potter and swimmer tells why she loves our Noir Naturals Goat's Milk Body Butter.


A Louisiana Potter who purchases our Noir Naturals Lavender Body Butter every time we meet at an Art & Craft show, (which is about every month) tells why she loves the product! She always refers other customers to us when we are exhibiting at the same show.

I absolutely LOVE my soap and lotion! (Kristi - Owner of Jac's Tailgaters)

I love your body butter! It softens my hands and even after washing my hands a few times the scent lingers. (Jane - Houma, LA; Owner of Jane's Jam-A-Rama)

I tried your soaps after purchasing at the Helen Brett Show in New Orleans and LOVE them. I can see myself becoming a regular! (Cindy - Robert, LA)

I bought 5 bottles of your Key Largo lotion at my last show. I love, love, love them! I have one bottle in each room of the house, and even gave one to my daughter who works in the medical field. She washes her hands frequently at work and they dry out. I am going to try to stop by your booth at the next show to get a few more bottles. (Sundra [Steinhauer Productions Art & Craft Show Promoter] - Folsom, LA)

Today at the Awesome Art festival, I bought your Moses Goat's Milk Soap & I just finished showering with it. This soap is amazing!! I've never felt so clean, soft, and relaxed after a shower! Thank you so much for a great product! Best $5.43 I've ever spent! I will be a returning customer! (Courtney - Paulina, LA)

The doggie soap lathers perfectly and rinses away as clean as the human soap does. The dogs smell fantastic and are as soft as they are after we use a conditioning dog shampoo. Two of our dogs are white and we usually use a whitening product. They are glowing as if we used it. Most of the time we need to wash, rinse, and repeat, but one cycle got everything. The bar is the perfect size when wrangling dogs. There has been zero post-bath itching. That never happens. Because we have three big old dogs, I'm not sure how long one bar will last for us.  (Sheryl - Charleston, SC)

I just wanted to thank you, very much, for sending the lavender soap sample as well as the lotion samples. I have very dry skin on my back and underarms, and it really cleared it up completely! (Danielle - Purchase, NY)

I just want to say these are the best products I have ever used. You have a good thing going with your products!  Keep up the good work! Love your products!!! Thanks for turning your passion into reality for many to enjoy. Heavenly for the Body, Mind and Soul! (Diana - Mobile, AL)

The lavender soap not only smells amazing, it's very attractive. The creamy soap is marbled with lavender swirls which is very evident in the textured cut of the soap. I love how soft my skin felt after using this soap. (Ellen - Castleton, VT)

The mintiness in bang bang is sooo sexy..I can see a difference in my acne marks already in the little space of time that I started using it and it leaves my skin feelin so fresh and smooth. I love it. I do have to get some more. 2-thumbs up to you and I would recommend it to anyone....great stuff.. (Shamika - Carenage, Trinidad)

I've never had a product where at the end of the day, my skin feels so soft, as if I just used the product (yours does). Thanks! (Alberthetta - St. Rose, LA)

I was introduced to Noir Naturals products and began to use it while on vacation in New Orleans. While using the product in New Orleans I observed that the weather was extremely humid, with some days of rain. I’ve been out in the open atmosphere for most of the day I would say, but I didn’t really observe any dryness of my skin during my time in New Orleans. After 10 days I left New Orleans to go to Miami where I stayed for 5 days. The weather in Miami was much the same as that of New Orleans and my activities were much the same. However I observed that on the 3rd day in Miami my skin began to get dry, so much so that I had to use lotion to temporarily correct the dryness. It was only then I recognized the potency of Noir Naturals products where with just the use of soap alone, there was no use for lotions. And this was being used at very, very humid conditions. (Everel - Carenage, Trinidad)

I’ve been using the body butter on my face for about 2 weeks now and the crows feet around my eyes have seemed to disappear. Thank you for making a natural product that makes my face look younger. (Lauren - Columbus, OH)

Other soaps dry out my skin, but since I’ve been using your lavender soap my skin is smoother and moist. I am also able to use it on my face, which normally I would not do with regular soap.  Because of the natural oils in the Noir Naturals products I am confident in that I will not get any negative reactions, and I haven’t so far. (Mary - Carenage, Trinidad)

I am in love with the lavender soap... Oh my gosh, the soap is like none other!  I have used it every night and I love the feel of the milky smooth lather as I bathe.  The scent is so wonderful!  I do my best to soak it all up before forcing myself out of the tub.  I can't wait to try the Oatmeal bar.  The Key Largo and Hot Summer Night lotions top off the evening for me prior to going to bed, either of these lotions keep the moisture in and I wake up with wonderful soft skin.  Thanks Noir Naturals for the excellent product! (Gerry - Mandeville, LA)

Was having alot of trouble with heat rash and bought some of Noir Naturals Goats milk soap and Lotion. I use it every morning after I shower and all of the heat rash has gone and I have never felt so much relief. Thank you and keep up the good work. I will be a lifetime customer!! (Michael - Covington, LA)

Saw an ad on craigslist for a free sample of lavender soap. Suffered with adult acne for the past 10 years so ordered my sample to at least try. Got some age of innocence lotion samples in the envelope too. Tried it and after a few days saw a difference in my skin - moist, soft and no redness. Just ordered some more soap and lotion. Low cost to me for making my face look good :) (Amy - Kenner, LA)

I have extremely dry skin and have tried many, many lotions in an attempt to keep my skin moist. The only thing I found to keep my skin moist was Curel lotion, but later realized that it contains parabens. I sampled some body butter from Noir Naturals at an Art & Craft show I recently attended, and since then I've been hooked. Creamy and buttery, yet light and it does an excellent job of keeping my skin moist all day, and best of all without chemicals. Thank you! (Candace - Lafayette, LA)