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Organic Unrefined Shea Butter & Raw African Black Soap



Product Kudos


My feet started looking better in just 3 days. My pictures are attached. Your stuff works! (Diane - Kenner, LA)

My hands are constantly in water causing it to peel and itch. It looked nasty/ugly but it's unbelievable how soft your shea butter makes my skin feel. (Jayne - Kenner, LA)

Last weekend while bending down to check the oil in my lawn mower clumsy me got burned by the motor. My skin burned like it was on fire. I put some of the Shea butter on my skin and the day after my skin is not sore, does not hurt and does not have the burn fluid in it. Today, the day after I got burned I still see the burn area but I could hardly tell I got burned since it does not hurt. You have a very good product. (Susan - Houma, LA)

My hands are completely healed, and to me this is amazing. I never thought on Friday morning when I was crying and in so much pain that it would have healed so fast. Your products came just on time and saved me from being so miserable. I just cannot believe I have no cuts, or no dry splitting hands anymore. Just in 3 days they healed. Wow. (Patricia - Pearl River, LA)

This past weekend I preheated the oven to bake a pie and it started to smoke. I realized that spillage from baking previous things was making the oven smoke. So I turned off the oven and touched the racks with my fingers to see how hot they were and my 2 fingers got burned. I admit that was not the wisest thing to do. Anyway I put some Shea butter to help stop the stinging and burning on my fingers. Within 5 mins the burning and stinging quit and I did not get any swelling or burn blisters. I've been burned a few times from cooking over the last 40+ years but I've never had a burn heal this quickly. This stuff is truly a miracle worker. Just wanted to share. Thank you. (Val - Humble, TX)