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Meet the Aromatherapist
Everyl-Ann, owner of Noir Naturals attained her Certified Aromatherapy (Essential Oil Therapy) credentials in September 2014. Her love for flowers and plants started when she was 6 years old, according to her mother, Valerie. Her fascination with the splendor of plants grew much more after personally experiencing its ability to soothe and heal her various ailments from childhood through adulthood. The use of plants as medicine was the way of life when growing up in the Caribbean. This growing interest is what propelled her to study therapy utilizing plant oils (essential oil therapy), and then herbal medicine for women, her next course of study.
With the knowledge and experience Everyl-Ann has gained from working with essential oils over the past decade, coupled with requests from customers over the years she’s started the Noir Naturals Essential Oil Therapy Line. The line started with the most frequently asked customer product requests such as a product to assist with joint aches and pains. Everyl-Ann has plans to incrementally expand the line over the upcoming months and years.
Everyl-Ann has also been working individually with clients to blend products for specific issues, and to support health. When blending she considers a number of factors such as the chemical components of the oil, therapeutic properties of the oil, safety contradictions associated with certain oils, age and scent preferences of the client.