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Soap Miscuts and Discontinued
Please indicate which scents and quantity of each Miscut bar you would like. Be sure to update the total quantity of Miscuts in your cart to add up to the sum of each scent (if purchasing multiple scents). For example in the box below indicate 2 Whisper and 3 Starr. You should then update the total quantity in your cart to 5.
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The following bars of soap were miscut. Each bar weighs between 3-4 oz. The quantity of each in stock is noted below.
  • Blue Dahlia (Brazilian Blue Waters) - 1 bar
  • Kruse (Black Sea) - 4 bars
  • Lavender - 2 bars
  • Leading Man (Drakkar) - 1 bar
  • Patchouli - 1 bar
  • Valencia - 2 bars