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Soap Miscuts, Store Testers and Whoops

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The following bars of soap were miscut. Each bar weighs between 3-4 oz. The quantity of each in stock is noted below.
  • Bang! Bang! (Tea Tree & Peppermint) - 3 bars
  • Carnival (Pink Sugar) - 2 bars
  • Blue Dahlia (Brazilian Blue Waters) - 3 bars
  • Velassaru (Ocean Orchid) - 3 bars


Older Miscut Bars - These are bars that are from non-recent soap batches that were miscut. The fragrances are mild in these bars (compared to more recent soap batches) since the bars are older.

  • Appleyard (Apple Blossom) - 4 bars
  • Asta Goat's Milk Soap for Dogs - 2 bar


Store Testers - These are full sized bars that were on display as testers for months in various grocery stores. We swap them out when the scent fades and toss them all together in a bin. The fragrance is low to non existant and the bars sit in the bin with the others so for example a Lavender bar may smell slightly like another bar. We have sold these at festivals for many years and they always go very quickly. If you are looking for a good bar of goat's milk soap these are the ones for you.

  • Alive (Rosemary Mint) - 1 bar
  • Dead Sea Mud - 1 bar
  • Great Escape (Eucalyptus & Lavender) - 1 bar
  • Kruse (Black Sea) - 4 bars
  • Lavender - 1 bar
  • Leading Man ( Drakkar) - 3 bars
  • MacRae (White Tea) - 3 bars
  • Moses (Oatmeal & Honey) - 3 bars
  • Scarlet (Black Raspberry Vanilla) - 2 bars
  • Starr ( Honey Almond) - 3 bars
  • Suspicion (Love Spell Type) - 2 bars
  • Valencia (Coconut & Bamboo) - 4 bars
  • Velassaru (Ocean Orchid) - 1 bar
  • Walk in the Woods (Blackberry Sage) - 2 bars
  • Wild (White Sage) - 1 bar


Whoops - In all of these bars we either forgot the color or did not like how the shade looked after they were retail ready.

  • No bars are available at this time